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New journey are being planed in November 2020 and Februari/March 2021
More information of request, send me an email 

In Januari-Februari komen weer informatie avonden in Amsterdam
heb je interesse stuur me een mailtje 
Dan houd ik je op de hoogte als er een nieuwe avond is gepland.

“I want to take you to a place of pure magic…
It’s the place athletes call the “zone”.
Buddhists call “satori” and ravers call “trance”.
I call it the Silver Desert.
It’s a place of pure light that holds the dark within it.
It’s a place of pure rhythm.”
~ Gabrielle Roth ~

Life is a journey and that makes us all travelars.

We all have the choice on how we travel, whether we make the destination the point or that we give ourselves the experience of being on the way.

This journey is both a real journey as a metophore of how we travel in life.

The desert is a place where we meet physical discomfort which creates clarity about where we stand in life. It is also a place with deep silence that mirrors our essence. A place where we have easy acces to divinity in ourselves and outside ourselves.

We gonna explore the landschapes we travel through starting from our own movement centre. The centre of our own body and extend ourselves in the space around us.
In this trip we’ll be travelling through different landscapes of the Sahara, dunes, planes, oasis..
In every place we’ll explore the response our bodies have. We’ll travel by foot with a little caravan of camels, a local guide and a local cook. Depending on the weather we’ll stop and camp for one or
More days. We are, we dance, we meditate, we cry, we celebrate, we sing, we live, we travel… whatever comes up.
Music will be simple life created rhythms and tunes, both by instruments and our bodies. Everybody can bring instruments to add to the music.
We trust that the journey will be the exact journey we’ll need in that moment. Due to the nature of the trip we cannot predict what that will be.
Places for this journey are limited to 14 participants due to the size of a caravan. You need to be able to walk for a few hours in challenging circumstances. Intake session (life or via Skype is required).
information about prices and definite dates on request. Send me an email

Informatie avonden in Januari-februari

19.30-21.00 uur.
wees welkom met al je vragen,
wees welkom on ons te ontmoeten
wij vertellen graag over het verloop van de reis en wat de woestijn voor ons zo bijzonder maakt.

stuur me een berichtje als je komt.